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I want to help create a safer, kinder community for all residents of Huntington Beach.  I will work to preserve our open spaces, and I will approach challenges with a people-first focus.

Toxin-Free HB

As a longtime supporter of funding cancer research, I support a toxin-free HB.  I plan to work with the Council to ban Roundup in our city, following the example of several neighboring cities and the Ocean View School District here in HB.

Boosting Our Local Economy

CA is not only a state that wanted to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, but also for recreational use. I, personally, support policies that will allow more research to be done on marijuana, as well as reforming our local laws to allow legal cannabis businesses to exist without uncertainty in our own city. The tax revenue generated by the legal sale of marijuana in HB could create a healthy revenue stream.


I plan to work toward decreasing drive-time within our City by working with Public Works to increase synchronicity of our streetlights, and would like to explore additional public transportation options throughout HB.

 Historic Wintersburg

I support full preservation of this parcel as a heritage park.

City Parks

I will ensure budget management that will keep up maintenance on our public parks. I will allocate funds for a park ranger, whose primary responsibility will be to keep our citizens and guests safe when visiting our parks. The park ranger will also educate visitors to our parks to ensure the safety of all wildlife, especially the migratory birds who depend on our parks' resources for survival.

City-Wide Wi-Fi

Many of our residents do not have access to the internet.  I will work toward ensuring that we offer city-wide wi-fi to our residents and tourists.


Homelessness is a complex issue that can only be solved when our community works together with the county and our neighboring cities. This is not simply a housing issue. We must offer wraparaound services, such as mental health services, rehabilitation, and workforce training and development programs that will get to the root of the matter and we must be willing to offer these services within our own city as we encourage our neighbors to do the same.


I will oppose additional High-Density Development as we have seen more problems than benefits for our city.  With inadequate parking and minimal setbacks, these projects have changed the look and feel of our beloved HB.

Toll Lanes

With the 405 Widening Project breaking ground, I will work to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for our HB residents and tourists over the next four years.

 Disclaimer: These issues have been brought up to me by HB residents.  It is not a comprehensive list, nor are they listed in order of importance.  Please check back frequently as I am always listening to the concerns of my fellow citizens on the issues that shape and define us.

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